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Big Brothers Big Sisters Making Push for New Mentors for Young Boys

"90 Men in 90 Days" needed in St. Louis, eastern Missouri region

October 02, 2018 - 9:24 am

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri is issuing a challenge to men from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau and everywhere between: sign up to become a "Big".

The organization wants to sign up specifically 90 men in 90 days to help mentor the roughly 800 boys in the system waiting to be matched up.

Ben Boyd is KMOX's executive sports producer -- he says he, like many, was worried about the time commitment and money needed at first. But it's been worth it to him. "Hanging out is as easy as going to the store, going to a movie, going to a game...even watching a football game at your house," Boyd said. "They just want to hang out and be with you."

So many...just looking for a mentor. "So many kids, waiting for an adult to show interest in them and spend time with them," Boyd explained. "It's sad to me that there's so many issues in the community and people want to complain about it, but nobody wants to do anything. This is a perfect opportunity to make a difference."

For Boyd, it's been rewarding watching his "little brother" Jarvis grow over the past six years into a freshman at CBC. "My wife and I consider him a part of our family. We have two children ourselves and Jarvis gets along great with them, and they love Jarvis. I couldn't be more proud of Jarvis."

The time commitment every month is four hours between a "Big" and "Little" brother. If you want to sign up to be a "Big Brother", click here for more information.