Quarantine Questions: What event would Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas choose to experience again if he had the chance?

"I would like to go back as a man in his sixties and experience what a 12-year-old boy experienced all those many years ago."

Chris Hrabe
April 16, 2020 - 6:00 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Bob Costas joined me on Wednesday to discuss Jackie Robinson Day, how he has adjusted to day-to-day life without sports, and consider the chance to re-live an event from the past and experience it "for the first time" if given the opportunity.

"You wouldn't know the outcome going into them and you would get to experience them as you did the first time, what game or games stand out?" I asked Costas, who was born and raised in New York rooting for the Yankees.

"This answer might surprise you, and it just popped into my head. I've never thought about it this way before.

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"When I first became aware of baseball, the Dodgers and Giants had left for the west coast. The Yankees were the only team in New York, they were a glamour team, they were in the World Series almost every year.

"But later, I came to STL right out of college. When people ask me what my hometown is, I always say St. Louis. I consider myself to be a St. Louisian. That's where I spent the great majority of my adult life.

"So if I could go back and experience something again, somehow, it would be the 1964 World Series."

In 1964, the Cardinals trailed the Phillies in the National League Pennant race by 11 games on August 23rd with just 39 games remaining in the regular season. Posting a 28-11 record over those final 39 games, the Cardinals edged the Phillies and Reds by a game each to capture their first pennant since 1946 and advance to the World Series to face the Yankees.

As Costas pointed out, the Yankees had appeared in the World Series in 14 of the previous 16 season.

The Cardinals won the series in seven games, capturing their seventh world championship.

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"The Cardinals won that World Series, I was 12 years old, and I was crestfallen.

"I would be looking at it now through a very different prism than I did as a 12-year-old child. 

"So I would like to be taken back to [Busch Stadium] and to the old Yankee Stadium, where even for the World Series in 1964, because my dad took me to one of the games, a box seat at Yankee Stadium was 12 bucks.

"I would like to go back as a man in his sixties and experience what a 12-year-old boy experienced all those many years ago."

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