Mozeliak says Cards hitting coach Jeff Albert wasn't aware of Astros using video to steal signs

Albert was Houston's minor league hitting instruction from 2014-17 and the Astros ast. hitting coach in 2018.

Sam Masterson
January 18, 2020 - 4:01 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach Jeff Albert is not among the members of the 2017 Houston Astros organization that are in the "crosshairs" of Major League Baseball as they investigate the use of video to steal signs of opposing catchers. That's according to Cards president of baseball operations John Mozeliak who says he asked Albert if there was anything he needed to be worried about.  

"My first question was, 'Should I be concerned with anything that happened in your time at Houston?'" Mozeliak says. "He was very frank and said, 'No.' He was not aware of what was happening. As things have gained a lot more momentum over the last five to seven days again I had some other people reach out and just ask similar questions just to make sure, but I did check with the commissioner's office and (Albert) did not seem to be someone that was in their crosshairs.

"My hope is that this is something that he can put behind him and he doesn't have to worry about any future discipline."

Albert was Houston's minor league hitting instruction from 2014-17 and the Astros ast. hitting coach in 2018. MLB found evidence the Astros were using video to steal signs of opposing catchers at home games during the 2019 season, which ended in a World Series victory for Houston. 

Mozeliak follows Friday's comments by Cardinals manager Mike Shildt who says the team had previously discussed the use of technology for sign-stealing by opposing teams and if they should reciprocate. 

"When you see any advantage that people are getting we internally have to have the hard conversation to say what do we want to do about it because we get a fair fight on the field, but we weren't getting a fair fight during the game off the field, and we knew this to be true over the last several years," Shildt told KMOX.

Mozeliak says he was not a direct part of that conversation, but did say he double-checked with the team to make sure they weren't doing anything like it. 

"I made it very clear we're not cheating," Mozeliak says. "We're not using technology." 

Mozeliak says he wasn't against the art of sign stealing, but says there's a clear point where it crosses the line.

"I think when you start to look at technology or artificial intelligence to determine those tells, I think that's where it crosses the line," Mozeliak says. "I think anything you do before a game or after a game is free ... Anything during or active in the game should be banned." 

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