'It's only April:' Shildt, Mozeliak confident baseball will return in 2020

After a meeting with all 30 MLB managers on Friday, we got some insight on what baseball could look like when players are once again allowed to take the field.

Sam Masterson
April 20, 2020 - 9:31 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The good news from both St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Shildt and president of baseball operations John Mozeliak is that there's a lot of sincere belief that baseball will return in 2020. Now what it will look like is another question.

Shildt told KMOX's Tom Ackerman on Sports on a Sunday Morning that's there's nothing definitive to share from the meeting with all 30 managers and the MLB commissioner's office on Friday. But the possibility of any fans being in attendance still seems bleak. 

"It's going to look a little different," Shildt says. "But it's still going to be a wonderful game that we love. And when I say different, it's very likely going to be no fans and adjustment of other things in the game, doubleheaders and that kind of thing potentially. But ultimately it was just about us being able to know and figure out a solution for us to work together and get our great game going again." 

One of the latest ideas reported about MLB's possible return is all teams going to their Spring Training ballparks to begin the regular season – or maybe all 30 teams would go to Maricopa County, Arizona.

It's an idea that Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader called, "hypest most stacked Arizona Fall League rosters of all time."

U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn't been a fan of resuming professional sports as we know it. However, he did offer a glimmer of hope when he suggested sports could conceivably return wit no fans in arenas, constant testing of the players, and all players and coaches quarantined in hotels for weeks or months.

Mozeliak also told Ackerman on Sunday that he had no "news flash." But was very positive in the fact that there's still a long spring and summer ahead of us.

"It is only April," Mozeliak says. "To try to salvage something this year, you can have that optimize for that because I still think time is on our side to do something." 

Both Mozeliak and Shildt say the safety of players, fans and all the people who make the baseball season possible is at the forefront of all decisions being made.

"The thing I can say with reasonable conviction is that everyone is excited, they're working their tails off and are confident that we are going to get some baseball again," Shildt says. 

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