Corona Virus jitters prompting some travel cancellations

Local travel agent says some worried about trips to Asia and Europe.

Kevin Killeen
February 24, 2020 - 3:41 pm
Maisoon Barghouty

KIRKWOOD, MO--(KMOX)--The fear of the Coronavirus is prompting some local travelers to cancel overseas trips.

Vacation Sales Manager Maisoon Barghouty of Gwin's Travel in Kirkwood says they've had "about a dozen" people cancel corporate trips to Asia, and others are expressing worries about getting stuck on a cruise ship quarantine in Europe. 

Corona Virus deaths have been reported in China, Japan, South Korea and Italy.

In Italy, five deaths are now reported and more than 200 cases, mostly in northern regions. With the virus now in Italy, Barghouty says it could impact European travel.

"Hopefully, it doesn't get worse in Italy, because I think that will affect the Europe region in general for travel," Barghouty said.

Before canceling a trip, Barghouty says to consider the possible loss of refunds. Some airlines and hotels are only offering cancellation refunds for destinations directly impacted by the virus, she said.

At this point, she says the number of cancellations at Gwin's Travel has been small and says some reservations for trips to Asia are still coming in. 

She's hoping the Coronavirus goes the way of the 2016 travel scare over the Zika virus.

"We had so many people canceling trips to Mexico and the Caribbean when Zika hit," Barghouty said, "and a few months later everyone was going there. So, I think it's just like a cloud that will pass."

Gwin's Travel is a division of Acendas Travel.

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