Decked-out BattleHawks fans cheer team to victory

St. Louis' XFL team beats New York 29-9

Brad Choat
February 23, 2020 - 6:59 pm
BattleHawks Fan



ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -  The St. Louis BattleHawks first-ever home game brought out the creativity in the team's fans on Sunday.

Eric Casey from St. Louis wore some medals with colored ribbons on his white football jersey, a white Battlehawks helmet with a bright blue mohawk on top, and large customized wings, "These are BattleHawk wings that are articulated. Call me Major General Mohawk - not to be confused with with Jayhawks from Kansas - that's for the President. Full wings, full battle gear, highly-decorated. As you can see, I'm Major General Mohawk."

Sandy Brady also dressed-up, "We're ready to go with the face gear (a blue bird mask), the feathers, the wings. Kaw and order man, kaw and order."

As one fan put it, the costumes resembled a cross between Game of Thrones and a bird sanctuary.

Nearly 30,000 attended the home opener, won by the BattleHawks 29-9.

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