Greitens' campaign fined for campaign violations, cleared of others

The former Governor claims "full exoneration."

Brian Kelly
February 13, 2020 - 1:48 pm
Eric Greitens

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (KMOX) - The Missouri Ethics Commission has found that former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens' campaign committed two campaign violations, but cleared it of several others.

In reports released Thursday, the commission found that Greitens for Missouri failed to report two in-kind contributions, one from LG PAC and one from A New Missouri. The investigation found that Greitens did not have personal knowledge of the violations, but states that "candidates are ultimately repsonsible for all reporting requirements."

Read the commission's findings

The commission dismissed several other alleged campaign finance violations against Greitens for Missouri & A New Missouri, Inc.

The commission fined Greitens for Missouri $178,087 with the stipulation that if he pays $38,000 within 45 days, the remainder will be stayed unless he commits a violation within two-years. 

Greitens' attorneys, Dickson Wright PLLC claims Greitens has been "fully exonerated". 

"Neither the statute nor the consent decree," says Catherine Hanaway, "says that it is the candidate's responsbility to know what is going on. It's just, the way the statute reads, the candidate is held ultimately responsible." 

Hanaway says the first violation hinged on a single phone call between the campaign manager and a consultant. The second concerned polling information that was inappropriately addressed to the campaign rather than A New Missouri. "Even when you're holding someone ultimately responsible," Hanaway says, "they can't be all-knowing." 

The attorney's release included a statement from Greitens, "It's good to have been exonerated and I'm glad to have been vindicated. I'm grateful that the truth has won out, but this was never really about me-they launched this attack because we were fighting for the people of Missouri." 

The attorneys say they have no insight into whether Greitens will return to politics.