Former Hazelwood resident quarantined in California over Coronavirus fears

Peggy Jones-Koelling and her husband have been at Travis Air Force Base since Monday

Kevin Killeen
February 20, 2020 - 3:50 pm

TRAVIS AFB, Calif. (KMOX) -- A former Hazelwood woman finds herself quarantined at Travis Air Force Base in California because of possible exposure to the coronavirus.

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Peggy Jones-Koelling says she and her husband Norman feel fine and have no symptoms but they've been on base since Monday along with dozens of other passengers from the cruise ship Diamond Princess on an Asian cruise.

"You know, at first, we kind of laughed it off," Jones-Koelling told KMOX. "We're thinking 'ah, okay, we're here, you know.' But then one morning there were, like, 22 ambulances sitting on the parking lot, military people everywhere, people in hazmat suits, and we really got a little unnerved."

Jones-Koelling, who lived in Hazelwood for 25 years until 1996, says she and her 75-year-old husband are being kept in a two-bedroom apartment with food delivered three times a day by masked attendants -- she thinks they're being treated well and are being well fed.

They can occasionally walk around the compound, which is surrounded by fences with a guard at the gate. But if they go out, they have to wear masks and stay at least six feet away from other quarantined passengers.

"Sometimes I feel like a caged animal," Jones-Koelling said.

Earlier, she says she and her husband were kept in their room on the cruise ship for several days docked in Japan, when it was discovered that someone with the virus may have come on board.

Officials are testing passengers for the virus now, and if none test positive, Jones-Koelling believes they could be released in early March.

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