Former St. Louis Police Chief blasts Missouri gun bills

Says they will make Missouri more dangerous for citizens and law enforcement.

Brian Kelly
May 07, 2020 - 4:01 pm

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Former St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom is calling out the Missouri legislature, for advancing firearms legislation during its COVID-19-shortened session.

"I'm alarmed by our legislators using this time, in the middle of a global pandemic, to quietly rush through some extreme pieces of legislation," he says. 

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Isom, who is serving as senior law enforcement advisor to Everytown For Gun Safety, is talking about legislation that would mandate public schools have armed personnel, allow guns in public places without permit or permission and prohibit officers from assisting in the enforcement of federal gun laws.

Isom says that last measure, in particular, would greatly hamper efforts to reduce gun violence.

"The simple fact is," he says, "this policy makes no sense at all." 

The former chief says it would jeopardize organized crime organizations, make it harder to apprehend federal fugitives and prohibit local law enforcers from taking down opioid trafficking rings with the D.E.A. 

"Federal agencies bring more time, they bring more resources and expertise to the table that local and state law enforcement do not possess," he says. 

Isom says lawmakers should be taking this opportunity to pass bills designed to protect women and families and prevent domestic abusers from having easy access to guns. "But instead," he says, "lawmakers are moving forward on an amendment that would cut (law officers) off at their knees. And they're doing this without the input of the public or the law enforcement officers tasked with protecting us."

If passed, Isom says, the laws would result in an increase in gun violence. "We have the fifth highest rate of gun deaths in the country Missouri. These amendments undoubtedly will make Missouri less safe for citizens and law enforcement." 

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