No federal assistance for individual victims of flooding in Grafton, others in Metro East

Grafton's mayor also is miffed at Illinois shutting them out too.

Maria Keena
October 03, 2019 - 9:21 am

GRAFTON, Ill. (KMOX) — Frustration in Grafton, Illinois after the mayor is told, there's no federal assistance coming for individual residents and businesses.

Mayor Rick Eberlin has appealed the decision but tells KMOX's Maria Keena there are residents and businesses still displaced by the flooding.

"There's supposed to be some low-interest loans available to those individuals and he said 'we can't do anything about that until the appeal plays out because people can't double-dip," Eberlin says. "He says you might have someone that's eligible for the grant money, which they don't have to pay back, and then also be eligible for the loans, but they can't do both."

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Grafton is not the only community denied federal and state assistance. Madison, Monroe, Jersey and Randolph Counties have also been denied. 

"I'm working in conjunction with other mayors to get them to better relay the plight of the individual (to the state of Illinois.)"

Besides no federal assistance, Illinois has also reneged on its promise to reimburse $300,000 to Grafton in flood cleanup.

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