West Lake Landfill group "Just Moms" not too concerned about proposed EPA cuts

The group says it's been reassured by Rep. Ann Wagner's office among others the West Lake cleanup is protected

Kevin Killeen
February 10, 2020 - 9:48 pm

BRIDGETON (KMOX) -- Worried at first, but not so worried now, Dawn Chapman of the Just Moms West Lake Landfill group is reacting to news that President Trump plans to slash funding for the EPA Superfund cleanup program.  

Chapman says she's been working the phones with the regional administrator of the EPA and Congresswoman Ann Wagner's office.  Her conclusion: the cuts won't affect the cleanup.

"We have corproations that are going to pay for the cleanup at West Lake," Chapman told KMOX. "Those that are responsible for the pollution get to help pay for the cleanup, so it's not going to be on the taxpayers.

Wagner's office did not return phone calls from KMOX seeking comment.

The Trump cuts call for spending 26 percent less on the EPA, eliminating 50 EPA programs and cutting the Superfund Cleanup program by ten percent.

Chapman says we may learn more next week, when EPA engineers come to St. Louis to brief the public on the West Lake landfill cleanup.

Additional editing by Alex Degman

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