WATCH: Wong motivated to retain Gold Glove; Sets base-stealing contest with Bader

Last year, Wong stole 24 bases and says he and center fielder Harrison Bader have a "friendly competition" to see who gets to 30 first this season.

Sam Masterson
January 21, 2020 - 3:21 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - It took Kolten Wong six seasons to prove he's a premier defensive infielder in Major League Baseball and he's dead set on retaining it in 2020. 

After winning his first career Gold Glove Award at second base last season, Wong says it has just added to his "fire" to win it again. But possibly the best part about winning the award was Wong getting to break the news to his father. 

Wong says he found out in October, before the start of the playoffs that he had won. He basically swore his dad to secrecy until the award would be publically announced in November. 

"My dad is not an emotional guy too, but he kind of broke down crying," Wong says of his offensive-minded father. "Obviously he was hoping for the Silver Slugger, which I told him, 'One day hopefully I'll get there.'"

While he works to retain the Gold Gold at second base, he'll have another "friendly" competition with his teammate Harrison Bader. Both will work to join the 30-stolen base club in 2020. 

"I told Bader, 'I'm gonna need you to get going, because let's push each other. We gotta push each other. Let's get to 30,'" Wong says. 

Only eight players in the majors had 30 or more stolen bases last season. Wong had 24 and Bader had 11 last year, but Bader started in only 95 games. 

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