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Lindell at Union closed for 2 weeks or more

Repairs following a water main break will take longer than expected

July 28, 2019 - 4:54 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — The city's offering more specific information about how long it'll take to repair Lindell Boulevard at Union following a major water main break last week.

The city of St. Louis says the water department and the Metropolitan Sewer District think it'll take at least two weeks to repair ... or longer. 

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"We had two other sewers that were impacted as well, one running underneath the water main, [MSD is> patching that up as we speak," said Todd Waelterman, Director of Operations for the City of St. Louis. "And there was another one above it that was vacated that needs to be filled in. So you can tell there's a lot of things in that big old hole, that hole is going to get bigger as they replace that sewer pipe."

Still up in the air — will it be the city water department to fund most of these repairs, or MSD? Waelterman says it's still unclear which broke first causing the problems -- the water main or sewer pipe.

"They typically work it out between them" Waelterman says. "When these things happen 30 feet below ground... was the sewer bad that caused the water main to break? Or did the water main break and tear out the sewer? That debate will go on."

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