McCloskey offers no apologies for 'protecting his property,' says Trump needs to be re-elected

"If the president doesn't get re-elected and the people that are promoting this violence take over the country, know it's gone. It's not retrievable."

Sam Masterson
July 21, 2020 - 10:51 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Mark McCloskey says he was amazed that information about felony charges against he and his wife was being reported in the news before his lawyer told him the charges were filed. 

The St. Louis personal injury attorney, who has along with his wife has been charged for "protecting his property" from an "angry mob" of protesters on June 28, spoke to our partner station, 97.1 FM Talk, on Tuesday morning. On Monday, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Garnder filed one felony charge of unlawful use of a weapon against he and his wife Patricia McCloskey.  

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Mark McCloskey tells the Marc Cox Morning Show that the media is misreporting the facts including calling the broken gate "alleged" and speculating over the validity of the 911 phone call his wife made after seeing a large group of people break an iron gate marked with "No Trespassing" and "Private Street" signs. The group was part of a protest of several hundred people who were marching to the home of Democratic Mayor Lyda Krewson, a few blocks from the McCloskeys’ home. 

"I'm supposed to trust that they're not going to be violent towards me and I'm supposed to assess all that as they're breaking through the gate and hundreds of them rushing towards me. And I'm supposed to assess how many of them are armed. How many of them want to kill me? And how many of them just want to shout at me?" McCloskey says. 

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He described what he heard some of the protesters say: 

"This guy pulls two loaded pistol magazines out, points from at me so I can see the shells in the magazines. He's that close. Clicks them together points at me and says, 'You're next.' OK. That was the first direct death threat I got that night. But there really were I mean, the guys standing in front of the house saying that we're going to kill you. And after you. After we kill you, that's going to be my bedroom. That's going to be where I have breakfast. That going to be where I take my shower, pointing up to the different windows of the house."

McCloskey discusses the couple’s dedication to the City of St. Louis after moving to the Portland Place home more than 30 years ago: 

"The house was in terrible shape. The neighborhood was in terrible shape and we decided to become urban pioneers. And we've spent 32 years investing an enormous amount of time and money into restoring this city and supporting the city. And we, up until recently, had dinner across the street and shopped at local stores and we own our business in the city of St. Louis. And now I'm being blasted as some kind of racist, just a despicable person despite everything I've done."

McCloskey believes now more than ever that this is really a referendum on our form of government, our way of life, and it’s imperative that President Donald Trump is re-elected in November:

"I've become more aware of all of this since June 28. But this is really a referendum on our form of Government and our way of life and preserving the America we know and if the president doesn't get re-elected and the people that are promoting this violence take over the country – it's gone. It's not retrievable."

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