Rules changing around Halloween costumes, Missouri officials say

You have a lot more to consider these days when choosing a disguise.

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September 30, 2019 - 3:02 pm

(KMOX) — Remember the simple days, when a sheet transformed you into a ghost, an eye mask and a cape meant you were the latest superhero ... and clown make-up didn't warrant a call to the police?

You have a lot more to consider these days when choosing a disguise. Officials from across Missouri tell us what adjustments we need to make. 

Rebecca Crockett from partner station KMBZ reports: 

Schools have been cracking down on Halloween costumes in recent years to both protect the safety of the students and to be more culturally sensitive. Officer Dan Robles, crime prevention officer at Johnson County Community College says several years ago they began hearing complaints around campus. 

"That person looks kind of scary to me, you know the masks, the makeup, whatever they did to their person was scaring some people at the college," Robles said.

So they established a policy of sorts saying no masks or covering your face. 

They've also said no weapons of any sort ... fake or real. Robles says they don't get much pushback, because he feels students understand the times we live in.

Schools are also cautioning students to avoid costumes that could be racially or culturally insensitive, including the Indian Chief or select Disney princesses like Jasmine, Mulan, and Moana.

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