Missouri teachers concerned about contracting COVID-19

Also asking if they can force students to wear masks.

Brian Kelly
July 08, 2020 - 2:55 pm

    (KMOX) - A majority of Missouri teachers are at least somewhat concerned about getting COVID-19 if their schools reopen in the fall and they're wondering how their districts will handle it if they get sick.

    That's according to a just-completed Missouri State Teachers Association survey of  teachers around the state.

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    Of the 2,500 respondents, 57% say they're at least somewhat concerned about getting COVID-19. Of that number, 25% say they are very concerned. Only 16% are not concerned at all. MSTA Spokesman Todd Fuller says teachers are also questioning what happens if they do contract the virus.

    "'If I get COVID while at school will I be able to use my sick days or will I be able to use other sick days or will they create a pool of sick days? Will I qualify for FMLA (family leave) if I get COVID at school?'" Fuller says.

    Fuller says the association's three attorneys are looking into those questions. 

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    In comments in response to the survey, teachers are also asking how they should handle the wearing of masks in school. "'Can I force the students in my classroom to wear (a mask)? What are the rights I have as a teacher if they don't?' These are just a small sample of a number of questions teachers are going to have," says Fuller. 

    The survey shows 41% of teachers approve of the way Gov. Mike Parson has handled the coronavirus pandemic. Fifty-three percent approve of their local government's handling of it while 68% think their school board has handled it well and 72% support their local superintendent's response.

    More than half – 55% – say their district's plan for in-person instruction for the upcoming school year hasn't been determined yet. Forty-two percent say they'll have a normal start date. 

    Fuller says the teachers want to try to figure out ways to get back into the classroom, but they want their students and themselves to feel safe.

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