PICS: New cancer center about to open in St. Louis County

One of the highlights of the new Cancer Center is its state of the art radiation oncology services.

Fred Bodimer
July 30, 2020 - 10:16 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Mercy Hospital South, formerly Saint Anthony's Hospital, is getting ready to open up its new cancer center. It's called the David M. Sindelar Cancer Center.

"It's on the Mercy South campus, just to the north of the emergency room," said Dr. Shaun Donegan, medical director of medical oncology at Mercy South.  "It's an 80,000 square-foot facility that is going to have medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology -- as well as a very robust integrative medicine program.  It will be able to address all the needs of our cancer patients once they come through the door -- starting at the time of their treatment and well beyond their treatment as well."

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MHS Cancer Center
(Courtesy of Mercy)
Dr. Donegan says one of the highlights of the new Cancer Center is its state of the art radiation oncology services.

"On the first floor, you'll have our radiation oncology department where we will have our two new linear accelerators, including a machine called the Radixact -- which is one of six in the country," Dr. Donegan tells KMOX.  "The Radixact allows the tumor to be tracked by the radiation - so if really helps keep things on focus during a patient's treatment paradigm.  We are very excited to have that equipment within our facility."

The first floor will also house spaces for yoga and tai chi classes.

"Close to that we'll have our café -- which will be really focused in on organic, nutritious eating," said Dr. Donegan.  "Our chef is putting together some things with our nutritionists to make sure we are meeting patients needs and whether or not they're having swallowing difficulties or some increased nautiousness and just need something a little bit more bland that's going to provide them with the nutrition that they need."

MHS Cancer Center
(Courtesy of Mercy)
The second floor will include all the infusion suites for cancer treatments with private rooms, semi-private bays,  community rooms, a fireplace and a virtual aquarium.  Other oncology offices and services will also be on the second floor including surgical oncology.  The Cancer Center's chapel with on-site pastoral care will also be on the second floor. 

The new cancer center also has a dedicated entrance for breast cancer patients.

"So it's really, I think, a facility that's meeting people from start to finish and really helping address the whole body and not just the cancer -- which we are certainly more capable of doing with the most advance technology that we have here," Dr. Donegan said. 

Bottom line?

"Mercy really has a very strong commitment to making sure that cancer patients can stay close to home and receive the most up-to-date, expert compassionate care that they need and deserve."

The new David M. Sindelar Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital South is scheduled to open to patients August 10th.

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