Prosecutor: No threat made against Kim Gardner by Eric Greitens' attorneys

While Greitens lawyers were "aggressive" in their "scorched earth tactics", it was decided "such behavior is not a criminal threat."

Kevin Killeen
November 08, 2019 - 9:35 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — A special prosecutor appointed at the request of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner concludes there was no threat made against Gardner by attorneys for former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.
Gardner and her staff had claimed that Greitens attorneys bullied her behind the scenes in private meetings, threatening to "ruin her," unless she would drop the invasion of privacy case against Greitens involving an extramarital affair. 

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The report pulls back the curtain on behind the scenes meetings between the circuit attorney and lawyers for Greitens, during the tense pre-trial hearings in the case involving an extramarital affair and an alleged photograph.
In one meeting, Gardner says Gretiens attorney Jack Garvey kept saying that if she didn't drop the case,  "things are only going to get worse" over and over--which she took as a threat to ruin her career.
Special Prosecutor Michael Bradley, a retired Boone County judge, concludes that while Greitens lawyers were "aggressive" in their "scorched earth tactics", "such behavior is not a criminal threat."  
The ruling is a setback for Gardner, whose former investigator in the Greitens' case has been indicted for lying under oath, and the special prosecutor in that case has said his investigation is "ongoing."

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