No vote in St. Louis County Council on Loop Trolley funding

"We could let it fail," Page suggested.

Maria Keena
October 16, 2019 - 5:34 am

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) — The future of the Loop Trolley, and a possible $700,000 dollar payout, was addressed at Tuesdasy night's Saint Louis County Council meeting, but didn't get very far.
County Executive Sam Page says St. Louis County was led to believe their share of the money would go to a sustainable enterprise.

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"We could let it fail," Page suggested. "I shared my concerns that the Trolley's failure could send a bad message to the federal government.  Future federal funding for transportation projects could be in jeopardy."
Loop Trolley President John Meyer talked with KMOX about the $700,000. Hed attributes the need to repeated delays.
"It wasn't until a year ago, last November, that we were even able to begin operating on a limited basis." explains Meyer.  "We [still] had the expenses of staff and overhead, but no operating revenue source."
KMOX's Maria Keena pressed Meyer on how to address a skeptical county council about where money has gone.
"The money he oversees has gone to pay salary and overhead during the delayed start up process," Meyer stated.

No vote was taken.

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