Number of Older Drivers, Their Involvement In Accidents, Increasing

Transportation group recommends changes to make it safer for them to drive.

Brian Kelly
March 14, 2018 - 5:00 am
Old man driving car

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(KMOX)-With the number of older drivers increasing, and the number of fatal crashes involving them on the rise, a national transportation research group is calling for improvements to the transportation system to meet their needs.

According to TRIP, one in five drivers in America is 65 or older. In Missouri and Illinois, they're involved in just over 20 percent of the fatal accidents. Policy and Research Director Rocky Moretti says there are steps that can be taken, to reduce the challenges those drivers face.

"Larger signage, so people aren't searching around looking for street signs. Any of those types of markings help. Improve lane markings. Wider lane markings are proven to help all drivers."  He also suggests improved intersections and lighting.    

According to TRIP, over the last four years the number of drivers 65 and older increased by 11 percent in Missouri and 14 percent in Illinois. 

Between 2012 and 2016, the number of fatal accidents in Missouri and Illinois involving them increased 45 pecent.

Moretti says it's great that people are staying mobile longer, but the transportation system needs to adjust. "It's critical that we increasingly look at our transportation system in a way that is going to support the mobility of older Americans, so making those improvements is going to make it easier for older drivers to maintain that mobility."

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