POLICE: This is what you should do if you crash in ice, snow

If you're in Missouri, call *-5-5, and if you're in Illinois call *-9-9-9 to contact the nearest emergency help.

Sam Masterson
January 17, 2020 - 9:25 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The Missouri Highway Patrol is expecting to respond to more than 100 crashes in the greater St. Louis Metro area on Friday with icy road conditions likely in the afternoon and evening. So, here's what they say you should do if you find yourself involved in an accident. 

Missouri Highway Patrol Clp. Dallas Thompson says the first thing to do is stay in your vehicle. He says it's safer because if another car happens to slide into you, you'll be safe inside the car rather than outside.

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He says then you should call either 9-1-1 or *-5-5, depending on the level of emergency it is. The *-5-5 number will connect you with the nearest Missouri Highway Patrol facility. 

If you're in Illinois, call *-9-9-9.

The snowplows will be on MoDOT trucks across the area this morning, but District Maintenance Engineer Bob Becker tells KMOX he doesn't expect drivers to use them. He says the "chemicals will be doing the heavy lifting" since the expected snow totals are only half an inch. 

St. Louis-Lambert International Airport – and its airlines – are bracing for the expected sleet and freezing rain later. Spokesman Jeff Lea says airlines like Southwest, are being proactive by de-icing aircrafts and in letting customers change their plans. 

He says going through your airline is the best bet for updates, but some delays already reported this morning are flights to Minneapolis and Denver, and incoming flights from Toronto.

Kansas City International Airport is closed Friday morning after the nose wheel of a slow-moving plane slid off the taxiway there and the runways were shut down in the entire airfield. 

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