Report: Save A Lot grocery owner sued by group of franchisees

Military veterans accuse company of thwarting sales efforts

Michael Calhoun
December 31, 2019 - 11:14 am

via Save A Lot

ST. ANN (KMOX) -- Save A Lot, the national grocery chain based in north St. Louis County, is the subject of a lawsuit by a group of military veterans.

Some U.S. Navy and Marine veterans opened ten Save A Lot locations, but claim the company "punished" its franchisees by selling stock at higher prices and sometimes leaving shelves empty.

Jon Springer, executive editor of Winsight Grocery Business, reports the lawsuit accuses Save A Lot management (prior to 2017) of trying to thwart independently-owned stores so it could sell company-controlled stores to someone like Aldi.

Save A Lot declined to comment on the legal action for Springer's article.

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Recently, Springer told KMOX about Save A Lot's investment in new store designs and brands.