Reynolds County, Mo is telling outsiders to stay away

The Southeast Missouri county is asking visitors to stay out to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Brian Kelly
April 08, 2020 - 3:14 pm

CENTERVILLE, Mo (KMOX)If you’re planning on floating the Black River or going turkey hunting in Reynolds County, Missouri when the season opens in a couple of weeks, think again. 

Reynolds has joined neighboring Iron County in issuing a limited access order, asking those who don’t live in the county to stay away until at least May 11.

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County Health Center Administrator Frances Vermillion tells KMOX it is an enforceable order.

"If I have somebody who is non-compliant repeatedly, I have the opportunity to go to the prosecutor and get a court order. That's something I never want to do," Vermillion says. "I believe I could talk to people and make them understand better. You can't force people."

Vermillion says there is an exemption for people who have business in the county, "Non-residents are allowed to come in, but we ask them to take care of their business and then reteurn home."  

She says county officials decide to issue the order after seeing thousands stream to parks and rivers despite the social distancing orders. 

As of noon Tuesday, Reynolds County had two confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

The state of Missouri is reporting 58 deaths and 3,327 total cases of COVID-19.

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