Arnold Pro Wrestler, SLU Student Among 6 Taking Coffin Challenge at Six Flags

Over 45,000 applied, only 6 made the cut

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October 11, 2018 - 10:31 am

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A pro wrestler from Arnold. A Navy submarine veteran from the Memphis area. A "vampire enthusiast" from Fort Wayne.

And those are just three of the six that have agreed to lay in a coffin for 30-hours as part of Six Flags' "Coffin Challenge" this Saturday. They will enter their wooden coffins at 1 p.m. Saturday during a "Laying to Rest Ceremony" before emerging at 7 p.m. Sunday during the "Raising of the Dead Ceremony." All of this takes place at the Palace Theatre Courtyard in Six Flags.

During their time in their wooden coffin, they will get a 6-minute bathroom break every hour, limited cell phone usage, meals in their coffins, and "unannounced visits from the Fright Fest freaks."

Those who complete the 30 hours will receive a pair of 2019 Gold Season Passes, 2 VIP Haunted House Passes, 2 seats on the Fright Fest Freak Train, $300 and…they get to keep their coffin! 

Let's meet the contestants!

•    Brian Johnson of Arnold, MO – MMWA wrestler whose alter ego is Kahyman, master of the dark arts. He will be celebrating his birthday on October 13 coffin style.  
•    Keith Richter of Atoka, Tennessee – Twenty-five year Navy veteran who served on 5 different submarines, referred to as “Iron Coffins,” and slept on beds called coffin racks.        
•    Matt Daley of Topeka, Kansas – Halloween enthusiast who has operated a haunted house for the past 12 years and drives his own 1989 Cadillac Brougham Funeral Coach.  
•    Olivia Crabtree of Naperville, IL – College student attending St. Louis University studying Forensic Science with plans to become a Medical Examiner.   
•    Stacey Wagner of Thomasboro, Illinois – Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer since 2008 who has been working in the Funeral Industry since she was 16. 
•    Stevi Rogers of Fort Wayne, Indiana –  Vampire enthusiast intrigued by the legends and lifestyle, especially their use of coffins to aid in their eternal rest.       

The pro wrestler from Arnold, Brian Johnson, will be a guest on Total Information A-M tomorrow (Friday) morning at 7:50 a.m!