National Weather Service concerned about potential spring flooding

There's cause for concern in Alton, Chester, Grafton and St. Louis

Brian Feldman
February 17, 2020 - 7:44 am

ST. LOUIS, Mo -- The National Weather Service has released data on its flood predictions for the spring. 

"This one is pretty bad," Hydrologist Mark Fuchs said.

Fuchs says there is cause for concern when compared to last year at this time.  It's slightly worse for Grafton, Alton, Chester and St. Louis.

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It all comes down to how much rain we receive.

"A normal amount of rain would give us significant flooding but it would not give us historic flooding," Fuchs said. "That's what the modeling is telling us right now."

A drier than normal spring would be ideal.  That's the best-case scenario.  However, the forecast currently indicates a wetter than normal spring.

"We could see low, insignificant flooding but nothing terrible," Fuchs said.

Typically, the Mississippi River does not crest until late April or early May.   Fuchs says there will be flooding this spring.  The hope is the region can avoid something resembling historic.

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