St. Charles couple back home after being stuck on cruise ship due to COVID-19

The ship wasn't allowed to port in several locations before finally reaching San Diego.

Carol Daniel
April 03, 2020 - 10:07 am

ST. CHARLES (KMOX) — A St. Charles couple is finally home from their transatlantic cruise after their ship that wasn't allowed to port in several locations.

Jeff (we are only using his first name) says it took them just three minutes to board their direct flight to St. Louis from San Diego. There were only 11 passengers on the plane.  

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Their cruise ship wasn't allowed to dock in several locations, including Hilo, Hawaii due to the pandemic. Ships like the Maasdam are completing voyages that began before the COVID-19 outbreak. Maasdam left Auckland, New Zealand on March 1 and was sailing a New Zealand and South Pacific crossing cruise that was scheduled to end in San Diego on April 3.

"I am glad to be home," Jeff told KMOX's Carol Daniel. "There's so many things I can do here, personally and financially. Plus, I can watch regular TV again...things that make life more normal."

He points out that no one on board had the coronavirus. He says what they went thru is minor compared to those on other cruise ships with sick and dead passengers who had to remain in their rooms. 

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