Some St. Louis aldermen feel the 6-district policing system isn't working

"Police aren't there fast enough when you need them."

Kevin Killeen
October 16, 2019 - 9:11 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Some Saint Louis Aldermen want to scrap the system of six, equally-staffed police districts and go back to the old system of nine districts, some with more officers to handle crime-prone areas. 
"The current system of how Saint Louis Police are spread out across the map isn't working" says southside Alderwoman Carol Howard.  "Police aren't there fast enough when you need them."

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Alderman John Collins Muhammad says the system of six districts with the same number of officers has failed to put enough police where they're needed most.

Police Chief John Hayden agrees, telling aldermen that under the current police map, one-third of the officers are dealing with two-thirds of the violent crime.
While he admits the current system of six districts all with the same number of officers isn't working, Hayden asked for more time — six-months to finish a new crime reporting system, before his IT department would turn to redistricting.

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