St. Ann native says he slept well during first night in SpaceX spacecraft

Says ride to orbit had a few 'minor surprises'

Brian Kelly
May 31, 2020 - 11:10 am

EARTH ORBIT (KMOX) - The Space-X Dragon capsule, dubbed Endeavor by its crew, successfully docked with the International Space Station Sunday morning, completing another key objective of the first crewed commercial space flight. 

The docking came some 19 hours after the ship launched from Cape Canaveral, Fl, the first crewed launch from American soil in nine years and the first crewed launch of a new American space vehicle since 1981. 

In a video feed from Endeavor, St. Ann native Bob Behnken said he and mission commander Doug Hurley got a good night's sleep.

"We were surprised, I think, at how well we actually slept aboard the vehicle," Behnken said. "A little bit quieter than Space Shuttle. A little more environmentally controlled so we didn't have CO2 pockets building up and giving us congestion which was super awesome." 

CO2 pockets are areas where carbon dioxide gathers in the micro-gravity of a space vehicle. They can cause headaches, dizziness, increase blood pressure and make them tired.

As for the ride into orbit, Behnken called it "an exciting ride" and said they did get a couple of minor surprises, "Just in terms of the way the vehicle is kind of moving and shaking and taking you into orbit. You can tell that it's fighting against the Earth as it makes it's way into space." 

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