Cards manager ejected after hearing 'something I didn’t appreciate' from Brewers dugout

In the midst of a 18-3 rout of St. Louis by Milwaukee, both managers were ejected after the benches cleared and words were exchanged.

Sam Masterson
September 16, 2020 - 8:41 am

MILWAUKEE (KMOX/AP) — After a romping by the Milwaukee Brewers over the St. Louis Cardinals was well underway Tuesday night, both benches and bullpens were cleared as the managers from both teams had a possible "miscommunication."  

The game ended in an 18-3 win for the Brewers, but in the fifth inning after a catcher's interference was called on Yadier Molina, managers were ejected after a tense confrontation in front of the Brewers' dugout

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Milwaukee was leading 13-2, after Braun was awarded first base on the interference call. Shildt examined Molina’s left arm, then he and Molina approached the Milwaukee dugout and exchanged words with Brewers players. Players from both teams’ dugouts and bullpens massed in front of the Milwaukee dugout, but that was the extent of it.

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Shildt said he didn’t blame Braun, but was upset because it was only the second time in Molina’s career that Molina has been called for interference.

"I go to check on him and make sure he’s OK and hear something out of the (Brewers) dugout," Shildt says. "We don’t start things, but we’re not going to take it. Heard something I didn’t appreciate. I will always have our players’ backs. I will especially have a Hall of Famer and a guy who has the most physical, mental toughness that I’ve ever managed and may ever manage. I will always have his back."

Manager Craig Counsell: “Apparently there was a little miscommunication between (Shildt) and our dugout, him and me, I should say, him and me.”

"I feel like it was more directed at me, quite honestly," Shildt says. "Did I do anything to warrant it? Perhaps. I was staring in the dugout. I will accept that. With my mask on it’s hard to appreciate what people are really intending.

"I can hear great, though. My hearing doesn’t suffer with the mask on ... It’s a second catcher’s interference of a guy who has caught since June of 2004 when he made his debut. It just didn’t look good when a little bit of conversation took place prior to it. It didn’t look good."

“At that point you think I’m going to accept that? No,” Shildt continued. “But you take the high road. There was a look in the dugout. There was something said. At that point all bets are off.”

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