St. Louis snubbed by Forbes list of 'Most Passionate' sports fans

Well St. Louis, looks like we have to prove them wrong again.

Sam Masterson
May 13, 2020 - 3:48 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A city nicknamed "Baseball Heaven," that just hosted an insane a Stanley Cup Championship parade and was the No. 1 fan base in the short-lived return of the XFL has to be on any legit list of best, proudest or most passionate fan bases in all of U.S. sports, right? 

Apparently someone didn't know...

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A ranking posted by Forbes SportsMoney reporter Christina Settimi claims to have ranked "America's Most Passionate Sports Fans 2020." But leaving out any mention of a St. Louis franchise seems wildly unprofessional. Those who did make the list are: 

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. New England Patriots 
  3. New Orleans Saints 
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Seattle Seahawks
  7. Golden State Warriors
  8. Oklahoma City Thunder
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins
  10. Boston Red Sox

We can only hope either the St. Louis Cardinals, Blues on BattleHawks were No. 11 on her list. But if not, we know St. Louis loves being the underdog – just ask the once counted-out 2011 Cardinals and 2019 Blues. 

To be fair, Settimi does give an explanation in the fine print of her story on how the list was assembled: 

"The Forbes best fans ranking looks at local television ratings (per Nielsen), stadium attendance based on capacity reached, secondary ticket demand (per StubHub), merchandise sales (per Fanatics), social media reach (Facebook and Twitter followers based on the team’s metro area population) and hometown crowd reach (defined by Nielsen as a percentage of the metropolitan area population that watched, attended and/or listened to a game in the last year) of the biggest sports leagues in North America."

The Packers sit on top of the list, as Settimi cites the season-ticket waiting list that's currently some 137,000-names long. The fact that the Packers are also divvied up between over 350,000 fans and shareholders is also presented, making them the only publicly-owned major-league professional team in the United States. 

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