Sunset Hills alderwoman pushes back against tax breaks for hotel

Dee Baebler says residents aren't getting property tax breaks, so why should a business in a profitable location?

Kevin Killeen
February 19, 2020 - 9:30 pm

SUNSET HILLS (KMOX) -- A Sunset Hills alderwoman is drawing attention to a proposed tax break for a future hotel development.

Alderwoman Dee Baebler says property tax breaks for a hotel on Lindbergh, next to Helen Fitzgerald's, can't be justified.

"To blight this area, which is what we're asking for in this ordinance... we'll have a brand new hotel and arguably the most successful bar in St. Louis County, it just seems to be wrongheaded and sets a dangerous precedent for any other developer coming to [Sunset Hills] asking for the same treatment," Baebler told KMOX.

Under the plan, the new Days Inn. would continue to pay property taxes based on the 2019 levels -- before the improvements are made. Baebler says homeowners aren't getting property tax breaks, and she can't see why a business should at the expense of the city, the fire district and the Lindbergh School District.  

The Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen is scheduled to discuss the plan further at its next regularly scheduled meeting, the second Tuesday in March.

"There were five aldermen that voted and argued to push it through that night, at our last meeting in February," Baebler said. "But, you know, for 63 years Sunset Hills has existed without this ordinance."

Additional editing by Alex Degman

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