Gourmet food and frivolity for a good cause at 'Tenacious Eats'

Come watch "The Nighmare Before Christmas" and be served gourmet food at "Tenacious Eats" to benefit Siteman Cancer Center's Patient Care Fund.

Debbie Monterrey
December 02, 2019 - 11:56 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - For Chef Liz Schuster, Tenacious Eats has given her the opportunity to focus on two things she loves: food and movies. For fans of Tenacious Eats, it means an evening of fun with five gourmet courses and five cocktails themed to the movie being shown.

Tenacious Eats usually takes December off, but this year, there's a special show to benefit Siteman Cancer Center's Patient Care Fund. The movie, selected by a vote of Tenacious Eats' fans, is "Nightmare Before Christmas."

Chef Liz Schuster Tenacious Eats
"When I write a menu, sometimes it's literal," explains Chef Liz. "Like if there's lots of food in the film, the food will be exactly what you see on the screen, maybe 'cheffed up' a bit. Most films don't have a lot of food in them so I have to pull from things like the characters, or a food reference that someone mentions. Or sometimes I even have to listen to the soundtrack."

Expect the "Nightmare Before Christmas" menu to be quite colorful.

The idea for the evening as a benefit for the Patient Care Fund came after spending hours in "the pod" at Siteman. Chef Liz's fiance, Steve Schmidt, was diagnosed earlier this year with simple lymphatic lymphoma, or SLL. 

"It flipped our world upside down back in March when I was diagnosed," says Schmidt, who also serves as pastry chef and maker of delicious desserts at Tenacious Eats. "You kind of look at, what do I do? And we wanted to give back."

"The Patient Care Fund helps cancer patients at Siteman who maybe have exhausted their finances or their insurance," explains Chef Liz. "It covers things like nausea meds, pain medication, hotel stays for people who live several states away."

The Tenacious Eats presentation of "Nightmare Before Christmas" will be Friday, December 13 at the Mahler Ballroom on Washington Avenue. Tickets are $75 per person.

Debbie Monterrey will be "the host."

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