LISTEN: Michael Jordan was once the surprise guest at a KMOX Halloween party

Our Mike Claiborne had a plus-one for the 1988 KMOX Halloween party – NBA All-Star Michael Jordan.

Sam Masterson
April 20, 2020 - 2:37 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - There are many new Michael Jordan stories floating around, partially due to the premiere of a new 10-part documentary on ESPN Sunday night called, "The Last Dance." Well KMOX has a MJ story of its own and it was told on Monday during the Charlie Brennan and Amy Marxkors Show

On Oct. 31, 1988, the Chicago Bulls and Jordan had just defeated the Phoenix Suns in its final preseason game, which they played at the St. Louis Arena. After the game, Jordan went to dinner with KMOX's Mike Claiborne as the two had become friends. But then Claiborne mentioned that he'd have to leave early for a company Halloween party and Jordan agreed to come along. 

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The party was at the home of former KMOX general sales manager Rich Gray.

"Word started to get out around the party that "Michael Jordan is here. Michael Jordan is here.' and Rich called timeout and said, 'Look everybody I want to make sure everybody is having a good time tonight, let's have some fun and let's let everybody enjoy themselves,'" Claiborne says. "And that's all he said and everybody knew what he meant. And everybody gave him his space and he had as great a time as everybody."

The photo at the top of this page is of KMOX traffic reporter Rodger Brand with Jordan at the party. Brand says he had just so happened to be wearing a Los Angeles Lakers t-shirt because he was just recently in LA and bought the shirt as a souvenir. He says Jordan gave him some good-natured ribbing about it.

Claiborne says that wasn't the last time Jordan was in St. Louis because Jordan's son played in a Saint Louis University basketball camp, so he and Jordan would often play golf when he was in town. 

ESPN's "The Last Dance" is a 10-part documentary series that aired its first two episodes on Sunday night. It will air two more episodes each Sunday through May 17. 

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