Third Cardinal tests positive for COVID-19

Wainright says leaders are telling teammates 'don't step out of line'

Brian Kelly
July 05, 2020 - 1:45 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-A third Cardinal has tested positive for COVID-19.

On Sunday prospect Elehuris Montero's test results were confirmed Sunday. He joins Pitchers Ricardo Sanchez and Genesis Cabrera who's test results were reported Friday. All are asymptomatic.

Cardinals manager Mike Schildt says the good news is that none of the players were able to enter into the work area and the team has tracing protocols in place. President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak admits on Sports on a Sunday Morning, that there is some anxiety. "We want to get this right," he says. "We want to do it right. We want to make sure out bubble doesn't pop. We're not really through that yet. Maybe when we get to actual games we might be able to take a break and relax." 

Mozeliak says all the club and players can do, is control what they can control. "What I mean simply by that," he says, "What we do while we're here and what we do when we're not here. If we can keep that environment safe then we have a chance to have a successful year."

Pitcher Adam Wainright says he and his teammates taking it one day at a time."Doing everything we possible can to ensure there is going to be a season from our end," he says. Speaking on a Zoom call with reporters, Wainright says he and the team's other leaders, including Yadier Molina and Dexter Fowler, sent their teammates a strong message Sunday morning. "Listen, if we see y'all stepping out of line we're going to let you know about it really quick because there's no room for selfishness right now, during this part of the season where everything has to go just perfect for us to play."