Undercover SLMPD officer beaten during Stockley protests files suit

Luther Hall says he was thrown to the ground, kicked and beaten by fellow officers

Kevin Killeen
September 17, 2019 - 8:03 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- A St. Louis police officer files suit claiming he was kicked, beaten and mistreated by fellow officers while he was working undercover during the protests following the Jason Stockley verdict in 2017. Meanwhile, a separate class action suit against 340 St. Louis police officers is in the works.

Officer Luther Hall's suit says he was thrown to the ground, kicked and beaten by fellow officers, while he was working undercover, imbedded with protestors caught and cornered by police near Tucker and Washington the night of Sept. 17, 2017.

Hall was allegedly beaten by at least three fellow officers who thought he was a protestor.  

Hall was severely injured and has not returned to work since.

The suit accuses the department of excessive force, unconstitutional arrest, discrimination against Hall because he is black, and it accuses the city of covering up what happened to shield the city and police from liability.

Mayor Lyda Krewson's office isn't commenting citing pending litigation.

There's also a forthcoming class-action lawsuit by others arrested that night -- a suit that names the city and 340 St. Louis police officers.

Attorney Javad Khazaeli of Khazaeli-Wyrsch says the individual officers need to be held responsible.

"We're suing all of them because our position is this was a conspiracy," Khazaeli told KMOX. "The decision was made ahead of time by the supervisors that they were done with the protests, tonight they were going to punish people. And all these [police] either participated in it or failed to intervene to stop it from happening."

If the judge grants class-action status it would boost the statute of limitations to five years -- Khazaeli says that would give all 123 people arrested that night a chance to seek damages.

"We have no evidence yet that anybody has been disciplined for anything that happened this night, even though video shows that peaceful people with their hands up are getting pepper sprayed and beaten," Khazaeli said. "Eventually, what else is going to get their attention?"

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