Wagner: 'I plan on fighting any and all cuts'

The Missouri Congresswoman is responding to concerns that proposed EPA cuts could hamper cleanup at West Lake Landfill.

Kevin Killeen
February 11, 2020 - 8:52 pm

BRIDGETON / WASHINGTON, D.C. (KMOX) -- A day after advocacy group Just Moms talked about their concerns regarding cleanup at West Lake Landfill in the face of potential cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, Congresswoman Ann Wagner is responding.

Her message? The cleanup will continue, cuts or not.

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"Regardless of what is put in the president's budget, Congress allocates the funding and I'm going to make sure we fight for every single dollar to make sure this cleanup is done properly," Wagner told KMOX.

President Trump's EPA proposal calls for a 26 percent cut across the board, which would eliminate 50 programs and cut funding to the superfund site cleanup program by about ten percent.

Wagner says she was also assured this week by the EPA that the West Lake cleanup is still on the to do list.

"Regardless of any cuts that could happen funding wise to the EPA, operations at West Lake will continue as planned," Wagner says. "And I plan on fighting any and all cuts."

Additional editing by Alex Degman

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