Wentzville Aldermen reject community center plan

Say it may cost more to get what they want

Brian Kelly
April 09, 2020 - 4:58 pm
Wentzville City Hall

Courtesy: City of Wentzville


WENTZVILLE, Mo (KMOX)It’s back to the drawing board for Wentzville’s planned community center, after the city’s board of aldermen rejected the plan presented at its virtual meeting Wednesday night.

First Ward Alderman Rob Hussey says board members expressed several concerns about the initial design of the $40 million dollar facility.

"The senior component, we felt was a little too small. We felt the pool wasn't adquate as far as size and swimming lanes," Hussey says. "We also had concerns on how there was really no direct access from the locker rooms directly to the pool." Hussey also expressed concerns that the fitness area was too small."

He says there are going to have to be some significant modifications made, and tough decisions on where they’re going to come up with an additional five, seven or 10 million dollars it will take to get what they really want. "We're very conservative with the rest of our budget, so balances with different funds are healthy, so we can pull some money from that. But that's something we also have to talk about when we come back and see the revised budget, 'This is kind of what we want? What it's going to cost us so what are we going to take away from?'"

Since the school district will be using the competition swimming pool, Hussey floated the idea of having it contribute to the project.

Plans call for the center to open in the spring of 2022.

Hussey expects staff to come back with an updated plan at the next Aldermanic meeting April 22nd. 

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