Witnessing Whiteness: How white people can help fight racism

First, they must look at themselves, says YWCA of Greater St. Louis' Racial Justice Consultant Mary Ferguson.

Brian Kelly
June 07, 2020 - 12:55 pm

    ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - To work for racial equality, white people need to look at themselves and not others. That's according to the leader of the YWCA program "Witnessing Whiteness."

    The YWCA of Greater St. Louis' Racial Justice Consultant Mary Ferguson says people need to focus inward to become more informed and more willing to listen in order to work with people of color who are interested in changing the status quo. She says race and racism have permeated the institutions of society and people need to envision the alternative.

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    "People don't even have a sense of what's beyond what we currently have," Ferguson says. "We're sort of so entrenched in it we really have a hard time imagining and envisioning what liberation looks like."

    She tells Total Information AM Weekend, one perception that must change is that if someone else is gaining, then I must be losing.

    "We will come out better off overall. Everyone will come out better overall," Ferguson says. "We're not losing something we're gaining our humanity, our basic humanity." 

    To find out more about "Witnessing Whiteness" email: witnessingwhiteness @ywcastlouis.org

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