Nick Price celebrates

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Nick Price Still Remembers in Great Detail His 1992 Win at Bellerive

From listening to Nick Price remember his victory, you would think he just finished the round yesterday.

August 03, 2018 - 10:16 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -  There aren't too many people with fonder or more historic memories of Bellerive Country Club than World Golf Hall of Famer Nick Price. The winner of the 1992 PGA Championship, the last time the tournament was held at Bellerive, still remembers the details of his three-shot victory in St. Louis. 

Price, who says he will not be in town but plans to watch every shot of the 2018 PGA Championship next week from his Jupiter, Fl. home, spoke with KMOX's Dan Reardon. If you don't have the time to listen to the full interview, below is a transcript of some of Price's synopsis of his final three holes to win the championship. 

On that Sunday in August 1992, the 35-year-old Price was paired with John Cook, who ended up tied for second in the tournament with Nick Faldo, Jim Gallagher Jr. and Gene Sauers. Reardon spoke to Price about the final three holes of the Championship and received answers as if Price had just finished the round yesterday. 

Beginning on the par-3 16th:

"We got on 16, when John chipped- you know, I'd hit such a good tee shot, kept it under the hole to about 25-feet or so and it was just one of those putts that I could give it a good run without hitting it five or six feet by because it was uphill. And just to be honest, I mean I wasn't trying to make it. I was just gonna hit a really solid putt and if it went in, it went in and of course the thing went in. I just hit it perfectly and it went in."

Then on to the par-5 17th, Price goes for the green on his second shot, knowing that there was water infront of the gree, he played it safe and aimed over the green. It rolled into the bunker, then his chip went back past the hole and two putted for par. Reardon asked Price, then up by three strokes, if was thinking about how close he was to winning the championship at that point.

"You know, walking between the greens and the tees, and walking between shots your mind does tend to wander, but I think I was so disciplined at that stage I wasn't even thinking about the ramifications if I missed that part. I just picked my line, and if I remember correctly, it was like a right-edge putt uphill which is for a right-handed golfer just the perfect putt that you want to have. And you know I just made that 25-footer the hole before so obviously I was very confident with my putter. And you know I knocked it in."

Price went on to make par on No. 18 for his first Major Championship win, he would win the PGA Championship again in 1994 and The Open Championship that same year.