New Jersey State Police Facebook photo

NJ Trooper Pulls Over Officer Who Delivered Him 27 Years Earlier

It really is a small world after all.

June 07, 2018 - 11:44 am

It really is a small world after all. A New Jersey state trooper pulled over the retired police officer who delivered him 27 years earlier.

Trooper Michael Patterson stopped Michael Bailly in Kingwood Township on June 1 for a minor traffic violation. As Patterson was running the plates, the two got to talking, and that's when Bailly remembered meeting long ago.

"Mr. Bailly asked Trooper Patterson where he used to live. When Trooper Patterson told him that he grew up on Poe Place, Mr. Bailly said that he remembered that street, because he helped deliver a baby there 27 years ago when he was a rookie cop. He was even able to describe the color, style of house, and the baby’s name, Michael.

Trooper Patterson extended his hand and replied, 'My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me.'"

New Jersey State Police couldn't believe the chance encounter, writing on their Facebook page, "We're not sure what the odds are of this happening — maybe they're close to the odds of a hole-in-one, winning the lottery, or being struck by lightning — but it happened."

The state police said Bailly didn't get that traffic ticket.