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Little Sisters of the Poor Closing After Nearly 150 Years

There aren't enough sisters to care for all the residents.

July 06, 2018 - 4:18 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Little Sisters of the Poor, a senior living facility in North St. Louis since 1870, is closing. 

A message on its website says after an exhaustive search, no one is willing to operate the residence. It goes on to say this is not the conclusion they hoped and worked for the last two years. 

In August 2016, the Sisters announced a plan to withdraw from their ministry so they could find a new sponsor, but haven't. 

Sister Joseph, who has been caring for residents there for the past five years, says this wasn't a financial decision -- despite the excellent nursing and volunteer staffs, she says there aren't enough sisters to care for all the residents.

Sister Joseph says the next step is to find a new place for all the residents to live. She says she'll miss the love, joy and togetherness the most.

Little Sisters of the Poor will still operate its home in Kansas City.