Wounded Police Officer Meets Chris Stapleton

Arnold's Ryan O'Connor surprised at concert

Brad Choat
July 14, 2018 - 9:56 pm
Ryan OConnor, Chris Stapleton

Maryland Heights PD Facebook

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (KMOX) - One of Nashville's top musicians made the day of a St. Louis area police officer recovering from a near-death experience last December.

Country music superstar Chris Stapleton met backstage with Arnold police officer Ryan O'Connor, Friday night, at his concert.

Maryland Heights police captain Scott Will says he heard Stapleton has police in his own family and thought maybe the artist would give O'Connor a shout out during the show.

Will says Stapleton's private thank you to O'Connor brought tears to the eyes of those who saw it, and his music clearly moved the wounded officer, "He stood up with some assistance and kinda did a sway to the beat of the music a bit. It quite honestly gave me goosebumps to see the whole thing happening."

Will says Stapleton's interaction was one of the best moments he's experienced in all his years of police work at the amphitheatre, "He didn't have to take the time to do what he did, but his manager told me he insisted on it. He looks out for first-responders. He has a kind heart. It was really something special to see."

O'Connor suffered life-altering injuries when he was shot by a burglary suspect in late 2017.