Large deep pothole in Montreal street, Canada.

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Open Meeting to Discuss Prop D for Road Repair

August 28, 2018 - 9:03 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Missouri’s roads need fixing, but there's not much money for it, and the state's fuel tax hasn't been raised in two decades.

“Our roads since the 90’s have obviously gotten 20 years older, and there has been no change in the amount of contribution to the fund, in fact it has diminished,’ says Len Toenjes with the Associated General Contractors of Missouri.

He’s part of a bi-partisan coalition urging passage of Proposition D, which will appear on the November ballot. Over four years, the fuel tax would rise each year for a total of 10 cents per gallon, raising about $400 million. He says Proposition D has the backing of the highway patrol, chambers of commerce across the state, cities and counties.

This morning at 10 a.m., the Municipal League of Metro St. Louis is hosting a presentation at the Maryland Heights community center on Prop D. The public is invited to attend. Toenjes will be there along with representatives from the lieutenant governor's office, MoDoT and more.