Pam Hupp Wants Faria Evidence Kept Out of Her Upcoming Trial

Seven witnesses are scheduled to testify Tuesday

Kevin Killeen
November 19, 2018 - 7:14 am
Pamela Hupp's mugshot after alleged suicide attempt with ink pen.

(Police photo) KMOX


Accused St. Charles County killer Pam Hupp is fighting to keep some evidence out of her upcoming trial.

At a pre-trial hearing set for Tuesday, prosecutors will argue that they need permission to tell the jury background on the 2011 Betsy Faria murder case, and how they believe it's related to the 2016 murder of Lewis Gumpenberger. The prosecutor doesn't want to try Hupp for Faria's killing, but mention it as a building block to the argument of why he thinks Hupp killed Gumpenberger.

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Hupp is accused of shooting and killing Gumpenberger to divert to divert suspicion from her in Faria's murder. 

Hupp's lawyers will be fighting to keep any mention of the Faria murder off-limits, because it might prejudice the jury. Seven witnesses are scheduled to testify, so it could be a long hearing.