Paper Ballot Machine Issues Reported in St. Louis County

"Older voting equipment" being blamed

Tom Franklin
November 06, 2018 - 9:31 am

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Problems are being reported with paper ballots in St. Louis County.

"They put their paper ballot in the optical scanner to be counted, and then machine rejects it," said Glenn Keenan, a volunteer at Wohlwind Elementary School in Oakville. "It appears at least half of the ballots (here) are being rejected by the optical scanner."

St. Louis County Democratic Director of Elections Eric Fey tells KMOX that machine in Oakville along with others in the county are being replaced as needed.

"Once it's replaced, then any ballots that weren't read on the previous scanner...we scan them all through," Fey said. "So, there's a contingency in place."

He also blames the issues on aging equipment.

"We expected this to happen. Frankly, it's a byproduct of the age of our equipment. Our voting machines are 12 years old now, and that's just what happens when hardware gets that old. People don't generally keep their computers around for 12 years, but here we've got this older voting equipment."

Elsewhere, tables are rapidly being set-up in North County so voters in a hurry can vote with paper ballots. However, multiple listeners say privacy partitions aren't being setup for those tables. A St. Louis County Election Board spokeswoman says voters are still welcome to use the privacy booths and kiosks at each polling place, while also reiterating these impromptu tables are for those in a hurry.

If you are experiencing any issues voting in St. Louis County, call the St. Louis County Election Board at (314) 615-1800.