Drama on the Sidelines and Power Behind the Bench

When games get cancelled and fights break out in the stands, it's time parents think about the example they're setting for kids.

Megan Lynch
October 31, 2018 - 2:30 pm
Youth Sports: The Adults Have Won latest report.



Complaints about parental behavior seem to go hand-in-hand with any discussion on youth sports. Drama on the sidelines and in the stands is a common theme in children's athletics.

Local official Tom Cusamano has 30 years experience calling games. He's seen games cancelled and referees walk away because of poor sportsmanship. 

Poor conduct at games is there for everyone to see. But what happens when coaches are alone with athletes?

You can't have any discussion of youth sports without looking at the men and women behind the bench.

KMOX's Megan Lynch talks with Riley Nickols, a sports psychologist and director of the Victory Program at McCallum Place in St. Louis - a first-of-its-kind intensive eating disorder treatment center for athletes. Nickols says athletes are very compliant, and coaches wield a lot of power. The owner of Midwest Twisters Gym in O'Fallon, Illinois says the system of training some elite athletes is prone to abuse.

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