Shortstop Paul DeJong has signed a 6-year contract extension with the St. Louis Cardinals

(Tom Ackerman, KMOX)

Paul DeJong Wants To Be A Cardinal For Life

He signed a six-year contract extension Monday, but the 24-year-old shortstop plans to be in St. Louis longer than that.

March 05, 2018 - 12:01 pm

JUPITER, Fla (KMOX) -  St. Louis Cardinals general manager Michael Girsch says it was about a two week process to complete the extension of shortstop Paul DeJong. Both sides, the Cardinals and DeJong's agent Burton Rocks, saw a mutually beneficial deal – and DeJong saw himself wearing the Birds on the Bat for a long time. 

"I think last year I was more focused on playing, I wasn't really thinking about contracts or money," DeJong says. "This offseason I talked to Burton and, you know, obivously the St. Louis Cardinals is a first-class organization and I want to spend my whole career here, so for me this just makes sense for both parties and now I can go out there and just play."

You can watch the press conference, annoucing DeJong extension here: