Stock image of a man holding toilet paper in the bathroom


People Are Horrified By Reusable Toilet Paper Called 'Family Cloth'

March 13, 2018 - 11:11 am

People who have used "family cloth" instead of toilet paper believe the general public is jumping to conclusions about the eco-friendly bathroom trend.

Yes -- it is a piece of fabric you wipe your undercarriage with, then wash to be reused. But no, people do not have poop-covered pieces of fabric in the laundry. 

A mother of two recently spoke to Buzzfeed about how her family is making the money-saving option work. 

"In my mind, buying and using disposable toilet paper was literally flushing money down the toilet!" she said. 

But many aren't on her side: 

The woman's response to those comments: "Do you throw away your underpants after each use?"

The family keeps clean pieces of fabric on top of their toliet - they all look the same, so it's not the same as everyone having their own toothbrush. There is a basket on the floor to leave used cloths. Normal toilet paper is in the bathroom for when guests visit. 

The woman explains that the "family cloth" is actually only used after going pee and to dry off your bottom in her home.

"I have no problem with some cloths sitting for a day in a hamper that have some pee on them, but I would definitely not want cloths with big smears of poop sitting around and going into the washer. That's my limit."

The cloths can be made from something as simple as old T-shirts or pajamas. If interested, you can also find them for sale through online stores like

A study on Scientific American states that Americans use approximately 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year, destroying around 15 million trees. So, would you start using a "family cloth" to be more eco-friendly?