PGA golfer's son reaches in burrowing hole to find his dad's ball.

(Courtesy of @PGA on Twitter)

PGA Pro's Son Saved His Dad's Round By Finding Ball Inside Burrowing Hole

Michael Block was raised in St. Louis and thanks to his 13-year-old son, he earned a spot in September's PGA Championship at Bellerive CC.

June 21, 2018 - 12:13 pm

This was the first time pro golfer Michael Block had his 13-year-old son carry his bag on a tour event and the young man saved him from missing the cut in the second round the  PGA Professional Championship. 

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Block, who grew up in St. Louis, thought he had lost his ball on the par-4 15th hole at Bayonet Black Horse in Seaside, California. Then his son, Dylan, noticed a hole at the bottom of a tree and on a hunch, laid on the ground and reached into the hole. Then he pulled out his dad's ball.

By rule, Block was given "burrowing animal hole" and went on to make birdie on the hole to keep him in the hunt.

"A hundred percent, I would not be here playing today if it weren't for Dylan," Block said. "I would have been on the road right now heading back to work. For him to find that ball yesterday was absolutely crazy. He's been amazing. To have my son out here, I couldn't ask for anything better. And he's just awesome. I have to constantly kind of slow him down because he's so hyper, loves being out there and loves the cameras. The whole time I'm just holding him back, but it's fun."

He eventually went on to finish high enough that he earned a spot in the 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, this September. He says he grew up just a few miles away from the course. 

"I've had Bellerive on my radar ever since it was announced," he said. "Talk about a homecoming if I was able to make it to St. Louis. This has been a goal of mine for I can't tell you how long."

Block is currently ranked outside the top 2,000 players in the world and has played in just three tour events this year. He was in last week's U.S. Open but failed to make the cut.