Two engines and 14 bulk cargo cars loaded with coal were derailed.

(Sparta Police)

PHOTOS: Train Derailment Spills 14 Cargo Cars of Coal

The trail is believed to have tipped over due to saturated ground from rain, Thursday morning

February 07, 2019 - 3:36 pm

SPARTA, Ill (KMOX) - In Sparta Illinois a coal train derailed and landed on its side due to the rainfall, Thursday morning.

Sparta Police say it's believed the rain saturated the ground near North Miller St. and the shifting groud, caused the accident. No one as hurt but two engines and 14 cargo cars full of coal were derailed.

Photos of the wreck were shared on the Sparta Police Department Facebook page: 

Members of the Sparta Police, Sparta Fire, and

It is unknown at this time how long the cleanup process will take.